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Who we are

Wild Life Conservation is a registered non-profit company in South Africa, founded by a group of passionate conservationists dedicated to bringing people together and to making a true difference. Our team works on ground level, dealing directly with communities, wildlife and the challenges faced in conservation.

What we do

In South Africa the majority of habitat available for wildlife lies within private ownership, on privately owned reserves/conservancies. It is because of this, that we believe a great deal of conservation potential then lies within these areas. Tapping into this potential, however, can prove challenging and can only be achieved through building relationships, mutual understanding and by working together.

Using our knowledge, resources and relations, we strive to build supportive and sustainable conservation projects. These projects then aid in wildlife-protection, encourages ecology research and aim to improve safety for communities. Further, it is our goal that these projects prove to be a valuable resource for reserves and that it can serve as motivation for different individuals and organisations to work together.

Our Partners in Conservation

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Contributions in any amount help us continue to work toward creating sustainable conservation projects. Your support goes towards monitoring- & research equipment, fuel, repairs and the employment of our team in the field.

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